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    Between 8th and 9th of November, more than 80 transport experts, scholars, entrepreneurs and government officials from 20 countries and regions, including the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Canada gathered at Shenzhen's Wuzhou Guest Hotel for the 105th International Union of Public Transport (UITP) Bus Committee Meeting. 

    The two-day conference is co-hosted by Shenzhen Bus Group with members having speeches and had roundtable discussions. On the afternoon of the 8th, representatives also visited the BYD Office and battery production plant in Ping Shan and in the afternoon of the 9th, members will visit the Public Transport Monitoring Centre of the Futian Transport Hub, riding the autonomous bus of Shenzhen Bus in the Futian Bonded Zone, as well as to visit the Smart Dispatch Center, charging and maintenance facilities of the Xiangmei North Terminus and Depot.

    In the morning of the 8th, Mr. Wang Huinong, General Manager of Shenzhen Bus, addressed the conference and extended a warm welcome to all attendees of the Bus Committe Meeting.  He made a general introduction of Shenzhen Bus, which was founded in 1975 and it's the longest and largest bus franchising enterprise in Shenzhen.  Shenzhen Bus is also currently the largest pure electric bus operator in the world, and the first Chinese member of UITP Bus Committee.  It is a fully licensed city bus group with integrated services including city buses, customised buses, cruise taxis, online taxis, intercity transport, tour buses, microcirculation buses, campus buses, car rental, Shenzhen and Hong Kong Cross-Border passenger and cargo transportation, bus advertisement, and property development and management.

    Mr. Wang Huinong, also introduced some of the major initiatives of Shenzhen Bus including new energy development and 'Internet +technology' as well as the development goal of "electrification, intelligentisation, standardisation, marketisation and industrialisation".  These new initiatives has led to a transformation from a traditional bus industry to a modernised and green public transport enterprise. In June 2017, Shenzhen Bus successfully achieved the full electricification of bus operation with 6053 pure-electric buses, becoming the largest pure-electric bus operation enterprise in the world.  In December 2017, it also successfully launched the trailing of the autonomous bus of Alphaba, which is the first intelligent driving trail run to be conducted on open road in the world. And in September 2018, 4,681 taxis belonging to Shenzhen Bus were fully electrified, making Shenzhen Bus the largest pure electric taxi operational group in China.

    Joseph Ma, Deputy General Manager of Shenzhen Bus Group also gave a keynote speech of 'Good Examples of Applying Electric Buses -- the Experience of Shenzhen Bus Group', introducing the promotion process, experience and future plans of the pure electric bus.  Mr. Ma answered questions from the experts and representatives at the meeting regarding subsidies and battery power.

    The International Union of Public Transport (UITP), is an advocate of sustainable urban transportation and the is the only organisation integrating the entire public transport industry and all sustainable transport modes, with membership covering the world public transportation sector, including PTOs, PTAs, manufacturing suppliers, and research institutes. Founded in 1885 and headquartered in Brussels, Belgium, UITP has 16 regional offices across the world, consisting of UITP Asia-Pacific Executive Committee (APExCo), UITP Asia-Pacific Urban Rail Platform (APURP), UITP Asia-Pacific Organizing Authority Platform(APOAP).  As of now, UITP has 1,500 members and 18,000 liaisons covering 96 countries.

    Since joining UITP in 2016, Shenzhen Bus Group has been continuously expanding its cooperative relationship, and has participated in Bus Committee meetings, conferences and training programmes, actively embracing the UITP family.  In February 2017, it undertook the UITP training project and in May 2018, it held a taxi platform conference, and has also recently become a member of the taxi platform.  As the only UITP Bus Committee member in China, we will make greater effort to participate in UITP affairs, sharing our successful experience in electrification and intelligentisation, enhancing our own global influence.

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